Working with nutrigenomics since 2011

My route to becoming a Nutrigenomics Counselor was not exactly straight forward, but it became one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. I first worked, studied and published as a physicist during my BS in physics at the University of Arizona. I was invited to the University of Oslo as a Research Scholar and worked in the condensed matter group building lasers and microscopes to look at superconductors. I then became interested in the prospect of designing optical surgical tools which led me to studying my masters in biophysics at the University of Oslo. 

I loved being a research scientist: traveling to conferences, designing complex physics experiments and working with other research groups from around the world to create new technology… Then my life took a sudden turn after I was infected with the human parvovirus B19. You may have heard of “long-COVID19”, which has shed light on other post-viral illnesses that cause serious and debilitating symptoms causing people to never recover their former health. That happened to me in 2005.

Although I lost my original career as a physicist, I have found incredible meaning in my life working in Nutrigenomics and helping clients to improve their health.  I wanted a way to be able to help more people than I am able to on a one on one basis and that was the inspiration for creating Noorns NuGen and automating my reports with my vast genetic-nutrient database.

All of my years working in Nutrigenomics has helped me gain the knowledge needed to weigh a gene’s importance or impact it can have on health. This allowed me to create a database with weighted gene scores for gene variants. In essence, my automated reports will give you a prioritized list of foods, supplements and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic variants. This is the first ever automated DNA report with actionable recommendations that tell you what to focus on and avoid and takes a lot of the guesswork out of where to start or which supplements are right for you. 

The inspiration for Noorns NuGen is based off of the Norwegian word for the Fates (the three women who shape the destiny of men), which is Norns. I thought what better way can we shape our own future than to influence our gene expression for the best possible health outcome, just like the Norns! The second part of the name stands for Nutrigenomics. And thus Noorns NuGen was born!

If you’d like to read more about my story, please head over to www.farstadanalyser.com

Bailey Farstad


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